Large Dog Club

Welcome to the Large Dog Club!  We'd like to celebrate all of your 4-legged best friends by posting your pictures here.  Email us your pictures at and tell us about your pet!  We'd love to hear from you and see all your beautiful dogs.

Meet Lance and Fern (with friends Ash and Spruce)! - Lance is a rescue - 18 months old - who came to Rigbie Farm Inc. having been starved, left outside in the cold and who lost his right eye - somehow.  But his life turned around when adopted by a veterinarian - terrified of everything and minus an eye. Enter Fern his BFF. Fern is Lance’s therapy dog. Lance comes to the farm everyday and gets to run free with Fern, Ash, and Spruce. But as you can see, Lance and Fern are inseparable.

Meet Schatzi and Mocha! - Schatzi is a 92 lb pit mastiff mix, and what a beautiful girl she is!  Mocha is a 70 pit bull mix, a very handsome boy.  Both of these fur babies were rescues, adopted by mom Holly, and now living a dream life!  It's heart warming to hear these rescue stories with such happy endings :)


Meet Harley and Bree! - Harley is a mix Red Doberman (dad) and English Mastiff (mom).  She is her mom's spoiled princess, adopted from a family who could no longer care for her.  Harley now has a great life with her furever family and fur brothers and sisters!

Bree is a German Wire Haired Pointer.  Bree was rescued a year and half after Harley.  She is a gabby girl and a silly willie. Bree was 10 months old when her owner was looking to rehome her.  Bree spent 10 - 12 hours a day in a kennel , she was not socialized outside the home with people or other dogs, and suffered from anxiety.  Her new furever family knew that with a little time they and Harley could get her on track. 

Two cats also live happily along Harley and Bree!


Meet Jinx! - Jinx is a 4 year old lab cross rescue. She loves to do nose work and retrieve!  We love Jinx!
Photos by Kathy from Kat's Kritter's Rescue & Boarding Kennel

Meet Miesha the Great! - Miesha is a Daniff (3/4 Dane with a splash of Mastiff) that is now 7 months old and just over 80 lbs so far and still growing!   She loves her Kong especially when it has a bit of peanut butter in it. She is gentle and super cuddly. She loves car rides and loves playing with kids. She loves the snow and isn't surprisingly scared of water. She loves to spend her days lounging on the couch watching t.v but also going for walks. We love Miesha!  (Sent by A.A.)


Meet Timbit and Guila! - We welcome Timbit and Guila to the Large Dog Club.  What an adorable pair, so majestic looking!  Very adorable!  (Sent by P.H.)


Meet Koach and Nola!My name is Koach, MBBPIS, MBBPIG, BPISS, BPIS,Champion, Wingate’s First & Goal,RN, CGN, Pre C.D.,Instinct Nose Work, & Barn Hunt. I was born on Super Bowl Sunday, January 31, 2015 in Chahalis, WA. I do show, agility, barn hunt, nose work, performance Obed., Rally and I love to run with my roommate, NOLA who is 9 years old. She is a MHIT, MBISS, BIS Doberman as well. I also am somewhat of a fashion plate, we have cold weather in Thunder Bay, ON.  Canada, so my mom/dad had 3 different Sea Hawk coats made for me.  Nola also has 3 matching ones as well.  When we run together, we look really ‘eye catching’.  (Sent by C.M.K.)


Meet Doug! - Doug is an American Bulldog.  He is a lover not a fighter and he is a grandpa as well.  Truck rides and the dog bed are amongst his favourite things.  Everyone loves Doug!   (Sent by J.M.)



Meet Scout! - Scout is an 11 year old harlequin Great Dane who is much happier about the winter weather with her Great White North coat on!  What a beautiful girl in her Chilly Dog coat!  (Sent by S.B.)



Meet Nakeyta! - Nakeyta is a female Shepherd/Rottie mix. These beautiful pictures were taken in Parry Sound, Ontario. It looks like Nakeyta really enjoys her outdoors adventures!  (Sent by C.S.) 



Meet Gia and Blue! - What a beautiful pair of Great Danes!  Blue is a male, he's 35" to the withers and 180lbs (1st picture).  Gia is a female  shorter at 32" to the withers and 156lbs (2nd picture).  These guys have very interesting sleeping habits - either using the master bed as their own or using the cat as a pillow! (Sent by S.F.P.)

Meet Coco and Brie ! - Coco and Brie are quite a pair!  Coco is half lab, half beagle, and Brie is a purebred copper nose beagle. A rare breed. Both of these cuties are rescues. Coco is so gentle, super obedient and always aims to please. Brie is more playful and rambunctious. (Sent by D.P.)  

(Although Brie is a smaller dog, and Coco is medium sized, we don't discriminate against smaller dogs here at Large Dog!  Everyone is welcome!)


Meet Ozzy ! - Greyhound that we adopted through GLOHW (Greyhound lovers of Hamilton Wentworth).  He is from West Virginia.  Ozzy is a beautiful dog with tons of personality.  We're lucky to have him.  (Sent by S.L.)

Meet Bomber! - Bomber is the inspiration behind Large Dog!  He was rescued from a shelter in Kentucky, USA, and brought to Ontario where he lives now in the Greater Toronto Area.  He is a gentle old soul full of character, and much loved!

Below is a picture of Bomber, enjoying nature and tranquillity on a beautiful fall day...


Meet Barney!
Barney is a snuggle giant!  He's an amazing Saint Bernard, so much fun!