Cooling - Ice Vest I

Go Fresh Pet

NOW ON SALE, SAVE 20%*    The ultimate lightweight, ice-cooling vest that gives your dog a feeling of long-lasting comfort on hot days or on the go. The cool fresh technology in this vest uses a unique ice-cooling net embedded in an ultra-absorbent fabric. When water evaporates, simply re-soak, wring dry and reuse! The lightweight, sun-reflecting garment is highly functional and stays cooler than ambient temperature by up to 10°C (50°F). It works to soothe the dog's core by keeping heat away from where they get hottest: their skin.

(*while quantities last)

Available in the following sizes:
SMALL fits chest 16" and is 9" in length (reg $29.99) on SALE now $24
MEDIUM fits chest 20" and is 11" in length (reg $29.99) on SALE now $24
LARGE fits chest 24" and is 13" in length  (reg $33.99) on SALE now $27
XL fits chest 30" and is 16" in length  (reg $37.99) on SALE now $31
XXL fits chest 38" and is 20" in length  (reg $39.99) on SALE now $32

(Prices shown are $CAD)

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