Head Collar - Gentle Leader Ultimate Head Collar


The Gentle Leader® is a non-punishing headcollar designed to humanely assist in training and managing your dog’s behavior, but can also be used as an all-purpose collar. It is very effective in controlling dogs that pull on a lead.

The Gentle Leader® is the number one recommended head collar by certified behaviorists and veterinarians. Worldwide sales have surpassed six million units. More than six hundred thousand have been sold in Canada.

If your dog lunges and jumps when he sees squirrels (and sniffs other dogs), the Gentle Leader® Headcollar is the perfect solution for teaching better leash manners. Use this training tool for your most determined puller while still allowing him full range of motion to bark, eat, drink and play fetch.

The Gentle Leader® Headcollar loops around your dog’s nose instead of his neck or shoulders like other harnesses. This means when your dog pulls, the headcollar gently moves his head toward you so he can refocus his attention on you and away from the tempting squirrels and distracting smells.

Available in the following sizes (in Black Soft Touch Webbing):

Small 10 to 25 lbs. (5 to 11 kgs.)    Beagles, Jack Russells, Shelties, etc.
Medium 25 to 60 lbs. (12 to 27 kgs.)    Dalmatians, Pointers, Spaniels, etc
Large 60 to 130 lbs. (28 to 59 kgs.)    Danes, Goldens, Labs, Rotties, Shepherds, etc.
Extra Large Over 130 lbs. (over 59kgs.)  Mastiffs, etc


  • Makes Walking a Pleasure
  • Made of Soft Touch Black Webbing
  • Non-Punishing, Does Not Choke
  • Discourages Pulling
  • User Friendly – Dog Friendly
  • Prevents Jumping and Lunging
  • Walk, Run or Jog With Your Dog Without Pulling
  • Assists in Managing Common Behavior Problems
  • Can Be Used On Dogs of All Ages
  • Great for Dogs of All Sizes, Including Extra-Large Breeds
  • Durable and Lightweight (No Heavy Hardware)
  • Instructions and Diagrams Included
  • Fully Adjustable for Easy Fitting
  • Quickly Removed and Placed
  • Recyclable Packaging
  • Made In Canada
  • Recommended By Behaviorists, Veterinarians & Trainers

Scientific literature abounds with data as to the effectiveness of reinforcement-induced training. The non-punishing design of the Gentle Leader® encourages handlers to concentrate on positive reinforcement methods of training while fully complying with the basic principles of learning. It complies with our goals of training in that it is non punishing. (Pain is not produced so aggression is not aggravated and the dog’s trachea is not endangered.) It encourages the use of reward based training. It proves to be pleasant and fun for the dog and should be for the handler. This enhances harmony with our dogs and leads to an increase in the human-animal bond, a goal which as canine enthusiasts we all want to achieve.

Made in Canada


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