Health - DNA Test Kit

Mars Veterinary

The most comprehensive mixed-breed cheek swab DNA test on the market. Evaluates more than 250 breeds, types & varieties! Comes with everything you need to test your dog and mail the swab. Allow 3 weeks for results.

Mars Veterinary has been conducting research in the field of canine genetics for nearly a decade starting with the initial canine genomics project in 1999. Today our technology powers two of the most comprehensive breed and genetic disease detection products in the market, the Banfield® Canine Genetic Analysis™ and the Royal Canin® Genetic Health Analysis™. Wisdom Panel, our at-home swab product features this same robust breed detection database and technology and a subset of disease testing as well.

All products include detection for the largest breed count on the market—250+ breeds, types and varieties—and we hold the exclusive worldwide license for the genetic breed detection process as pioneered by Dr. Elaine Ostrander during her time at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute. In addition Mars Veterinary holds the only commercial license in the United States for the MDR1 drug sensitivity screening from Washington State University.

As part of the largest pet care company in the world, we are able to draw on research from some of the most extensive databases of canine behaviour, health and nutritional information to develop our tests. For nearly a decade starting with the funding of the initial canine genomics project, we have been passionate about advancing the science of canine genetics so we can help owners understand the unique needs of their dogs from the inside out contributing to genetic science and pulling from it, valuable insights into dogs as individuals. The more we know about our four-legged friends the better we can plan for their individual needs. Simply put…happier and healthier lives for our furry family members.

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