Health / Outdoors - Skunk Off Pet Shampoo


Mild, tearless skunk off pet shampoo is specially formulated to eliminate skunk odour safely and effectively. It neutralizes odours without irritating skin or drying out coats and it is ideal for removing skunk spray from pets, people, clothes, and even fabrics.

This shampoo is safe for puppies (and kittens) over 8 weeks old. Available in 8-ounce size. Ingredients: Mild tearless shampoo base plus deodorizing components.

Directions - Wet coat thoroughly. Shake bottle before using. Work shampoo into coat. Make certain that the shampoo has reached skin level and that all areas have been covered, including eye lids, between the toes, and all other seemingly obscure areas. (There is no way to tell where the skunk spray has reached.) it is recommended that a minimum of 4-ounces (one half bottle) be used. Rinse thoroughly then dry as usual. If odour persists, repeat procedure.

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