Outdoors - Saddle Bag (Neo Paws)

Neo Paws

- Reflective
- Waterproof
- Self-Ventilating
- Lightweight & Flexible
- Comfortable for the Dog
- Easy to Put On & Take Off
- 4 Colors to choose from
- Simple, Secure 'hook & loop' closure system

The NEO-PAWS™ Neoprene Saddle-Bag is designed with the dog's ultimate comfort in mind. Double-layered mesh lining and neoprene pockets make the Saddle-Bag lightweight & airy.

The NEO-PAWS™ Neoprene Saddle-Bag attaches around and below your dog's stomach and stays in place with the mesh chest strap and adjustable double 'hook & loop' closure system.

Available in black, red, pink and blue.

Available in the following two sizes:

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