Neoprene Orthopaedic High Performance™ Outdoor Shoes / Boots

Neo Paws

IMPORTANT: The shoes are sold in PAIRS (2 shoes) since rear paws may be smaller than front paws.  For all 4 paws you will need to order 2 pairs. Measure both back and front paws.



These shoes are ideal for rain and snow as well as being perfect for water sports and protection from wounds caused by dragging paws. 

This model is the shoe of choice for walks, sporting activities and the winter season. The upper is of a water-resistant neoprene with all-new Aqua-Blocking features and the sole is made by an injection moulding process which resembles that of a running shoe. The rubber is formed to cover the entire paw area of the shoe and rise around the seams. Heel reinforcement & Toe Caps have been added for maximum durability. This process has been developed for your dog's ultimate comfort and protection. If added quality, strength and performance are required, the High Performance shoes are the footwear of choice.

They are also orthopaedic and recommended daily by veterinarians worldwide for paw injuries and to comfort hip dysplasia, arthritis and dragging paws caused by degenerative myelopathy.

NB: They are NOT to be used INDOORS for extended periods of time or in the HEAT.

For the warmer monthsplease refer to the Reinforced Energy Orthopedic Summer Shoes.
For dog's that drag their paws, we suggest you use the Shoe Goo to extend the life of the shoes!


NB: A dog does not have to be an athlete to wear the High Performance™ shoes.  They are more rugged resulting in a longer life span. They are also the best for water wear.

Used and recommended by veterinarians and canine physical therapists worldwide.

Available in Sizes:  


Customer Comment: 'The boots have passed the Run after the ball like a mad fool test and the Run in the woods and the snow test with flying colours. With  the gators over the boot, they stayed snuggly in place and let in no snow.  The fit is excellent. There was a bit of a struggle to put them on; this poodle is not very stoic. They function as advertised. He was still enjoying his walk in the woods two hours later'. Michel R

To Measure: 
Trace tightly around one front and one back paw on a sheet of paper (trace the part of the paw that touches the paper), including trimmed nails and then measure the width and length of the drawing. Compare the width and length to the sizing on the size chart provided. If you are still not sure, please feel free to call or email us and we would be happy to help you figure it out!

IMPORTANT: The shoes are sold in PAIRS = 2 shoes since your dog's rear paws may be smaller; so please measure them as well. 


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