LIfe Vest/Jacket for dogs

Neo Paws


The NEO-PAWS™ Life Vest is made of a sturdy nylon and is available in sizes to fit any breed of dog. A highly reflective handle makes it visible day and night and also allows you to pull your pet out of the water with ease and comfort.

A uniquely designed chest-piece was added to give extra support and buoyancy to the pet's head and body in case of an emergency. When extra support is not required, the chest-piece can be removed. The nylon mesh-webbing straps are adjustable to fit the pet snugly. Their soft texture is comfortable for the animal and will not blister its torso.

Even though most animals are swimmers by nature, a Life Vest is still necessary to protect your pet on boating trips, in larger bodies of water, or even in a swimming pool. The vest keeps the pet afloat at all times and enables it to swim longer.

Available in Yellow only.

Available in the following sizes:
XS  2 lbs - 7 lbs  
S  7 lbs - 15 lbs  
M  15 lbs - 35 lbs 
L  35 lbs - 55 lbs 
XL 55 lbs - 75 lbs 
XXL 75 lbs - 95 lbs 
XXXL 95 +lbs

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