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Neo Paws

EZ-Paws™ Anti-Slip Rubberized Sock

Made of  a cotton/spandex/elasten sock dipped in a rubber, for those wet and rainy or even dry cold days, the waterproof sock is ideal for added paw protection as well as awesome protection against allergens on grass or in any environment.  

They are also perfect to use indoors to prevent slipping on hardwood, ceramic or tile surfaces.

This revolutionary rubberized sock is easy to put on.  The dog can be placed on your lap or simply sit beside him/her!

Customer Comment:
Cheryl K : 'Hi, these booties are perfect for helping our 73lb Dane/lab mix keep her footing on our bare wood floors. She's 13years old, and used to be such an athlete. But she was walking so tentatively across the floor because she often slipped and fell down hard.  With her EZ Paws, she's regained walking confidence in one day, but still gets tired easily. The old girl deserves her rest.'                                 

Each package comes equipped with 4 shoes and 4 extra Velcro straps for added stay-on protection.

Available in 4 fashion styles. 

Features :
* Cotton/spandex/elasten material dipped in rubber
* Waterproof socks protect from cold, rain, snow and dirt.
 * Protect paws against allergens.
* Prevent slipping on ceramic, hardwood and tile floors.
* EZ on and off !
 * Hand wash only -  no dryer

Available in the following sizes:  

L/L+  for large breed dogs
M/M+ for medium size dogs

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